Lyng Drilling

Lyng Drilling is an engineering centre specializing in the design and manufacture of products using innovative cutting structure design and advanced materials technology. 

Anode Slotting Technology

Lyng Drilling AS is a provider of patented equipment and tools for Anode Slotting, Stub Hole Milling, and Anode Cleaning for the Aluminium industry. Lyng Drilling employs its expertise in development of cutting structures for efficient slotting of carbon anodes using patented saw blade technology.

Industry leading Saw Blades for Anode Slotting

Products from Lyng Drilling

Anode Bits

Anode Bits are used to drill holes in carbon anodes to allow prongs to be attached

Cutter Cassettes

Cutter cassettes are elements that contain the cutting edges and are bolted on to the saw blades. 

Saw Blades

Saw Blades are circular discs with cutting edges places along the periphery. 

Our Vision

The Lyng Drilling vision is to be recognized by our internal and external customers as a flexible, innovative and efficient engineering center with manufacturing capabilities, focused on developing drilling technology.